Kaiyuan Wang


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Currently at Google

Google Scholar

I obtained my PhD in the Software Verification, Validation and Testing (SVVAT) group at the University of Texas at Austin. My adviser is Sarfraz Khurshid. I obtained my M.S. degree in software engineering at UT Austin in 2015 and my B.S. degree in computer science at Beijing Univeristy of Technology in 2013. I am currently working at Google Core Systems. My PhD dissertation can be found here.


My research interests lie in the field of software engineering. I have worked on a number of projects related to program synthesis, fault localization, automated program repair, regression test selection, model checking, mutation testing, automated test generation and symbolic execution. Overall, I am passionate about challenges and enjoy learning new technologies.

Recently, I am interested in combining machine learning techniques with my software engineering research.



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X. Chen, C. Liang, D. Huang, E. Real, K. Wang, H. Pham, X. Dong, T. Luong, C. Hsieh, Y. Lu, Q. Le
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K. Wang, D. Rall, G. Tener, V. Gullapalli, X. Huang, A. Gad
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ISSTA 2020 [24] Scalable Build Service System with Smart Scheduling Service
K. Wang, G. Tener, V. Gullapalli, X. Huang, A. Gad, D. Rall
PLDI 2020 [23] A Study of the Learnability of Relational Properties
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TACAS 2020 [22] A Study of Symmetry Breaking Predicates and Model Counting
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ISSRE 2019 [21] Symbolic Execution for Importance analysis and Adversarial generation in Neural Networks
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ASE 2018 [14] Automated Model Repair for Alloy
K. Wang, A. Sullivan, S. Khurshid
FSE Demo 2018 [13] ASketch: A Sketching Framework for Alloy
K. Wang, A. Sullivan, D. Marinov, S. Khurshid
FSE Demo 2018 [12] SketchFix: A Tool for Automated Program Repair Approach Using Lazy Candidate Generation
J. Hua, M. Zhang, K. Wang, S. Khurshid
ABZ 2018 [11] Solver-based Sketching of Alloy Models using Test Valuations
K. Wang, A. Sullivan, D. Marinov, S. Khurshid
ABZ 2018 [10] Systematic Generation of Non-Equivalent Expressions for Relational Algebra
K. Wang, A. Sullivan, M. Koukoutos, D. Marinov, S. Khurshid
ICSE 2018 [9] Towards Refactoring-Aware Regression Test Selection
K. Wang, C. Zhu, A. Celik, J. Kim, D. Batory, M. Gligoric
ICSE 2018 [8] Towards Practical Program Repair with On-Demand Candidate Generation
J. Hua, M. Zhang, K. Wang, S. Khurshid
ICSE Demo 2018 [7] MuAlloy: A Mutation Testing Framework for Alloy
K. Wang, A. Sullivan, S. Khurshid
ICST 2018 [6] EdSynth: Synthesizing API Sequences with Conditionals and Loops
Z. Yang, J. Hua, K. Wang, S. Khurshid
ICST Demo 2018 [5] AUnit: A Test Automation Tool for Alloy
A. Sullivan, K. Wang, S. Khurshid
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SQAMIA 2017 [2] Evaluating State Modeling Techniques in Alloy
A. Sullivan, K. Wang, S. Khurshid, D. Marinov
ICSME 2016 [1] Repairing Intricate Faults in Code Using Machine Learning and Path Exploration
D. Gopinath, K. Wang, J. Hua, S. Khurshid


AST 2022 Program Committee
ASE 2019 Research Track Program Committee
ISSTA 2017 Artifact Evaluation Committee


09/2018-Present Staff Software Engineer, Google, Mountain View, CA